Shenzhen Beach Hat 2017

比赛日期: June 17th 2017 2017年6月17号
Registration Opens April 28th @ 8PM - Tell a friend:) 报名开放时间: 4月28日20:00。快奔走相告吧!

Location: Shenzhen Xichong Yue Rong Wan Workers Resort (Xiao Xichong - Same place as last year) 
A beach only 60 minutes from the CBD of Shenzhen. Xiao Xichong has some of the softest sand. Offering a beautiful view of the water and excellent modern hotel rooms and bungalows minutes from the beach.
比赛地点: 深圳溪涌榕树湾工人渡假村溪涌沙滩离深圳市中心仅60分钟的车程。小溪涌有着全深圳最柔软的沙子,海天一色,旅舍林立。从旅舍步行到沙滩也只需要几分钟的距离。

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED: Players must to pay before the 5th of May. If a player hasn't paid before that, we'll give the spot to the players that are on the waiting list. Those players will have 2 days to transfer the money. We'll contact players on the waiting list from top to bottom every 2 days until we get 97 players who have paid the fee.

25 of the 97 spots will be saved to allocate to players we feel will help the tournament overall. If we don't fill those spots, they will be given to players on the waiting list;)
先到先得: 本次比赛采用先报先得的方式,报名前96名选手请于 20165月5 前进行缴费,否则我们将陆续开放位于等待名单中的人进行缴费,位于等待名单中的选手收到我们邮件通知后,有2天的时间进行缴费,最先缴费的97人即为报名成功的参赛选手 


Registration fee/ 报名费用:
Early Bird before 30th / April: RMB170   早鸟价格/ 4月30日前付款: RMB170 (HKD180)
Normal price: RMB230.                        一般价格/ 5月8日後付款: RMB230 (HKD241)

Non-player guest: 100RMB includes party/food(light breakfast and lunch)/water/one way bus                                                               观赛群众费用:100元包括派对费用、巴士、食物和酒水饮料

Sorry, NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 5TH. We will be paying for things and arranging to pay for things so refunds after the deadline are not really possible. Please be aware we will be strict with this rule. You can possibly transfer your registration to someone else but they must be approved by us. Please make sure they are an equal level to you or team balance may get messed up.

Payment Options / 
1. Alipay account/ 支付宝: 魏翠敏 13530838890
2. Wechat/ 微信: 13530838890 Samantha Wei 
3. Cash: You can pay cash during SZUPA training and pick up sessions to Zoe.
**You MUST e-mail ________________ with your bank account name, registration name and nickname, phone number, screenshot of transaction and Wechat ID.  

What do you get for your registration fee: 
Beautiful beach, One-Way Bus to the beach, All day food on Saturday including Light Breakfast, Fruit, and Lunch provided, Water and Beer. Curse of the Mummy Party (Friday Night), Juice, Soda and some beer in our iced coolers. Jersey paid for by our Sponsor Foam Heaven. 
报名费包括: 美丽的海滩(我要让你知道,整片的沙滩都被我承包了!)单程巴士到沙滩周日全天餐费,包括早餐,水果,午餐,水和啤酒。(要自带白酒的我不拦)周六晚篝火派对由宝矿力提供的2-3瓶的冰茶, 果汁, 苏打水Foam Heaven 提供的部落队服  

Party Date: 派对日期June 17th (Fri.) night / 6月17日(五) 晚上 

Tournament and Party Theme: Egyptian Gods and GoddessesHuck like an Egyptian - Be one of the powerful Gods Anubis, Ra, or Osiris. Come as an Egyptian god or one the great Pharoahs, considered living gods on earth like King Tutankhamun, or the heroic Scorpion King. Maybe the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti or the beautiful Cleopatra or you may even want to be a part of a large group and come as a Harem. Remember the times and dress the part. 

Dare not come without costume lest you fall victim to the Curse of the Pharaohs! Those not in costume, will be transformed into a cursed mummy by the ancient words of the book of the dead...and toilet paper.

Expect some fun games like a mummy wrapping race, our giant twister board will return, a massive water balloon fight, our Nile river water slide, possibly some hookahs, and some crocodile fights will surely be happening in the water. We may even be blessed with a belly dancer;)

Each blue link above links to a different video that may lead you to your costume destiny. 

Transportation: We will be providing a bus leaving 9:30PM from Coco Park, please be there by 9:00PM. The specific meetup point at Coco Park will be Foam Heaven
交通: 我们会在购物公园站提供接驳巴士。请务必在晚上9点前到达集合点。具体巴士停靠位置会在之后公布。

Public transportation: Bus No. M362 takes around 60-90 mins to the beach. bus stop name: Xī Chōng Shìchǎng.
公共交通: 如果您计划自己过去沙滩,您可搭乘公交车No. M362, 从福田汽车站出发,途经益田/黄岗/罗湖/ 塩田/ 大小梅沙…,约60-90分钟抵达 "溪涌市场"  
Whenever you decide to go home, there is a bus stop conveniently located right at the front gate that will take you to many stops in Shenzhen. 

Tents and Hotel:
Tents can be rented on the beach for just 50-60RMB each.
YRW Beach Hotel - To book a hotel please let us know before May/22. We will add you in a wechat group and you can tell us what kind of room you need and for how many nights.
帐篷:现场租借 RMB50-60/顶, 可容纳2人 

***Extra Fun***: June 17th (Sat.) night – June 18th (Sun.)
After all the Gods, Goddesses, Pharoahs, and Mummies battle on the beach, we'll go for a dinner at a nearby restaurant(around 40RMB) per table for set dinner(not included in the registration fee). Players can stay overnight till Sunday in a hotel or in a tent close to the beach. Time to relax, enjoy the beach, and start healing from the last two days of fun. Sunday will be a day to go Swimming, play Volleyball, more Frisbee, Surfing, Resting/Recovering, or Reading books... Enjoy the summer. 
***更多乐趣***: 6月18号(星期六)晚-6月19号(星期日)在所有的部落战争落下帷幕后,我们会前往附近的饭店就餐(每人40元)。盘友们可以在酒店租住一晚或者自带帐篷在沙滩过夜。请尽情放松,享受沙滩。第二天将会是非常好玩又丰富的一天,除了飞盘赛,我们还可以又有,玩沙排,冲浪,晒太阳。炎炎夏日,不黑不归!

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