Shenzhen Beach Hat 2014

The 2nd Annual Shenzhen Beach Hat is now open for registration. We started with 80 spots available, we can go as high as 88 now, so please, if you have friends interested, pass on the good news. After that if we have enough experienced players in we'll see if we can just follow the waiting list. If we are short in any areas like handlers or girls, they will get priority to make teams fair.

In order to reduce dealing with traffic and in hopes to avoid bad weather, we are moving the tourney to Saturday June 21st, a couple months earlier than last year.
As we did last year, in order to get to the beach, we will need to go down the night before on June 20th, but we will have a really nice beach party including a DJ, a BBQ, a Slip N’ Slide, and beer.

Our TDs are:
Jeff Bussel - WeChat ID: SZUltimate
Robert Grey
Glen Cornell

We will meet Friday night, 7:30PM at Gou Wu Gong Yuan(Coco Park) metro at the restaurant Rapscallions for a Tournament welcome drink(we'll try to arrange some kind of special with the bar). We'll then get on the buses at 8PM and drive over to the beach. We will be using the beautiful Xichong beach in front of the St. Tropez hotel (formerly Barefoot Beach Bar) near Gate 1.

The 2014 Shenzhen Beach Hat is on 6.21(Transportation to the beach, Dinner and Party is on 6/20)

Tournament Location: 2014 Shenzhen Beach Hat – St. Tropez @ XiChong Beach Gate 1

Bus Pickup:
Meet at Rapscallions to catch the bus – It's not far. Quicker than a short walk off a plank

Pickup Point Directions:  Go to Shopping Park Metro Station and use Exit C. Walk to the intersection. Turn right to cross the street (keeping Starbucks to your back). Continue walking straight. You will pass, Lili Marleen Bar, a bus station, and Mix Cafe. Next to Mix Cafe, sort of attached is Rapscallions.

Our theme has been chosenPirates of the Caribooty Dress up as a sexy pirate, a sexy wench, a tempting creature from the sea like a mermaid, or even a parrotThe more booty you show the betterRemember to protect your Booty from all invaders, never surrender it, and above all else, be ready to shake it

Early Bird(Parrot?):  180RMB (227HKD)

After May 25th:

Alipay account: 13714411960

Wire Payments from Hong Kong can be made to: 509-752176-838   HSBC香港队员转账到: 509-752176-838 汇丰银行
Joey- 13423864816

Wire Payments from Mainland China can be made to: 6225-8878-3538-4419 邸昊宁 China Merchants Bank 中国大陆队员转账到: 6225-8878-3538-4419 邸昊宁 招商银行深圳分行福田支行

Email Joey( the wire transfer slip to us after you make the wire transfer.

OR you can use Paypal;) This will cost 3HKD more. Use the Pay For Tournament button, the extra 3HKD has been added already.

This includes transportation to and from Xichong Beach, All-you-can-eat BBQ Dinner (as long as food lasts). Lunch will be a choice of Falafel (veggie) wrap or Chicken wrap served with fries and a tomato and cucumber salad. Throughout the tournament there will be bread, peanut butter & jelly as well as fruit, water, and some beer.

Costs also include DJ, field costs, and beach entry fee.

We doubt you will still be hungry, but after dinner our sponsor Rose Café will offer German hot dogs for sale. Earlier on Saturday, they will offer two choices for sale for breakfast. A sandwich pocket stuffed with apple wedges, lemon, with cinnamon honey sauce and a stuffed pocket sandwich with egg, onion, tomato, cheese and ham. After lunch, additional wraps, fries, and German hot dogs will be sold.

If you aren’t staying in a tent on the beach, please tell us where you end up staying so we can know where to look for you.


Tents are widely available for rent on the beach but we suggest bringing your own. Cost is about 50-100RMB+deposit. Sleeping on the beach is free.

Bungalows(on the beach)BOOK NOW THEY WILL BE GONE SOON:

St. Tropez (Each room 2 beds - Directly next to the fields) – Phone: +86 (755) 84421992 (Jenny - Chinese)
                              +86 15889586543 (English)
                     Cost 450RMB

Other Bungalows 300m from the tournament fields but on the beach) - Phone: +86 183 1999 2171 (
Long Hui - Chinese)
                      Cost 260RMB

Guesthouse(20minute walk to the tournament)

Hola Guesthouse – Phone: +86 13509680656 (Cantonese/Mandarin/Some English)
                           WeChat: judywang6688

Can rent golf cart to and from the beach. 200RMB per hour

Secret Spot – Phone: 13823619335 (Eva – Cantonese/Mandarin/English)
                                18823837017 (Nate – English)
                     Wechat: eva358718

Barefoot Guesthouse – Phone: 18665322246 (Yumi – Mandarin/English)
                                              13538074909 (Ling – Cantonese/Mandarin)

Piratey Costume   
Water bottle
Dark and white shirt (captains can flip before games to determine who is in which color)

Towel – outdoor showers are available, but are not private(no curtain or door)
Socks – if you have beach socks, they are recommended.  Some places are rough, but we will rake the fields before the games to make the sand softer.  Foot fingers are acceptable as long as they are smooth bottomed

We look forward to seeing many of our friends and hope we can do a good job putting on a
fun tournament for you all

The Shenzhen Beach Hat Committee~

Booty Counter
Booty Counter

Shezhen Beach Hat 2014 - Thank you! 23 Jun 05:02

Hi guys,

Jeff here wishing you thanks on behalf of our committee and club for attending the Shenzhen Beach Hat 2014! We were really happy to host you all for our second annual beach tournament and hope you will come again next year. Apologies for the slow start but we're confident we provided more...

Shenzhen Beach Hat 2014 - Here ArRRRRrrRRR your Ships 18 Jun 20:01

Check out the list below to see which ship you belong to, your ship's colos, and your ship's captain.

Be sure to bring a shirt in your ship's colors
! - If you have any question about what color to wear, please ask.

You'll notice your captain's real name is a mystery. He or she will be announced at...

Registration closes this Friday, June 13th, 10PM, Savvy? 09 Jun 02:15

Well guys, we're really close to the end. 74 pirates have registered and paid to join our adventure on the 20th-21st of June

We're happy to announce we can now accept a total of 88 pirates, so if you have some friends who are on the edge of the plank about coming, time to give them a little nudge...

ARRRRRrrrrrrr You Aware It's the Last Day for the Early Parrot Discount? 24 May 16:13

The Early Parrot Discount ends TODAY at Midnight
The price will go up to 220RMB from the current offer of 180RMB. Please don't make us the bad pirates here ;)

Please remind your friends to sign up, we still have one space open. After Midnight, if more people sign up, they will get your spots if...

Really, ARrRrrRRRrrRrR you ready to pay?:) 22 May 06:05

Second Reminder:

Piratey Speak: Avast Ye Mateys, Nothing in life is free, but why not save ye money and pay us ye gold before the Early Parrot discount disappears into the sea? 3 days away before it ends so pay now or we'll get more of your booty after the 25th. Right now yer only paying 180RMB,...

AAAAARRRRRRrrrrrrr you Gonna Pay? 18 May 02:00

Piratey Speak: Avast Ye Mateys, Nothing in life is free, but why not save ye money and pay us ye gold before the Early Parrot discount disappears into the sea? 7 days away before it ends so pay now or we'll get more of your booty after the 26th. Right now yer only paying 180RMB, later it will be...
Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. 🌟 Redbaron 🌟 (David Zhou) M
2. Zopka (klara der) F
3. Yannick (Yannick Fowl) M
4. Jason (Jason Tsai) M
5. Dem_nsk (Dmitriy Doroshenko) M
6. charles.Zheng (zheng charles) M
7. Jun (Yijun Wang) M
8. Meixian (He Meixian) F
9. Will-I-aM (William ieong) M
10. Colina (Colin Erickson-Sheehy) M
11. Xinyi (Xinyi Liang) F
12. 姚理洋 (mel miao) M
13. Eddie (Eddie Zhu) M
14. Glen (Glen Cornell) M
15. Ramie (Ramie Jacobson) M
16. ??? (Allen Laung) M
17. G.I.Joey (Joey Di) M
18. Yuklear weapon (Yuki Choi) F
19. Nana (Nanna Lee) F
20. Rosa (YU XIONG) F
21. Zoe (Zoe Ran) F
22. Alishin (Alison Shin) F
23. Jennifer (Jennifer Chiu) F
24. Cody (Cody Allen Erhart) M
25. Etienne (Etienne Créton) M
26. Gilbo (Aaron Guilbeau) M
27. Core Four (The GOAT) M
28. Barry (Barry Lu) M
29. Matt (Matthew Lee) M
30. Hebe (Hebe Fong) F
31. Hannah.Ma (hannah Ma) F
32. Devin 🌟 (Devin Licastro) M
33. Kay 🌟 (Kay Kuo) F
34. Carlo (Carlos Ieong) M
35. Max (Max Utoplov) M
36. John (John Jansen) M
37. Quang (Lông Gà) M
38. batman (Zhipeng Kwok) M
39. Forward (Forward zhang) M
40. BDN (Nick Tsao) M
41. James (Haoyan Chen) M
42. Mike (Mike Wong) M
43. suki (suki chen) F
44. Thilo (Thilo Stoewahse) M
45. TimO (Tim O'Rourke) M
46. LJ (Aaron LJ) M
47. Gio (Giovanni Lion) M
48. Apple (Apple Tong) F
49. KFC (zhao xu) M
50. luoyi (Luo Yi) M
51. Roldy (Roldy Lo) M
52. Jenny (Jenny Yang) F
53. David Wang (Micheal Wang) M
54. Jessie (Jessie Yu) F
55. Malu (Lu Ma) F
56. salsera (Elena Gladkaia) F
57. Gene Sin (gene sin) M
58. Monique (Monique Wang) F
59. Christina (Christina Lu) F
60. Sean (Sean Keith) M
61. will shoemaker (will shoemaker) M
62. KK (KK Zhao) M
63. D (Derrick Haynes) M
64. American Captain (steve safarowic) M
65. Pele (派大 陈) M
66. Reynold (Reynold Chan) M
67. Jackie (Jackie Chan) M
68. Liao (Liao Liao) F
69. Lewis (Lewis Qiu) M
70. Jan Q (JAN QIU) M
71. Sharon Wong (Sharon Wong) F
72. Hakkah (Hakkah 沈航涛) M
73. Patricia (Patricia Chen) F
74. Graham Cracker (Graham Huang) M
75. AP (志遠ap 倪) M
76. viola (Viola OuYang) F
77. EP (Emily Pearson) F
78. Tuoyifu (Andres Brown) M
79. 小虎 (Anthony Paglino) M
80. Michelle (Michelle Yi) F
81. Jimmy (Jimmy Wang) M
82. Chris (Chris McClelland) M
83. Tribecca (Tribecca Choi) F
84. Derek (Derek ouyang) M
85. Noah (Noah Zerkin) M
86. Antoine BELLIARD (Antoine Belliard) M
87. RookieInvader (Rachel Hu) F