Shenzhen Beach Hat 2017

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Shenzhen Beach Hat - Early Bird Discount Ends Today! 05 May 01:16

Shenzhen Beach Hat - Early Bird Discount Ends Today! - Tell your friends!

Hi everyone:)

Please pay Zoe by today to receive the early bird discount 170RMB(192HKD). After today the price will be 230RMB(260HKD). 
请在今天内付款到Zoe 的微信:13728648384或者支付宝账号:13728648384. 今天是最后一天早鸟价170RMB(192HKD)。 明天至5月6号是230RMB(260HKD)哦。

Registration fee/ 报名费用:
Early Bird before 5th / May: RMB170   早鸟价格/ 5月5日前付款: RMB170 (HKD192)
Normal price: RMB230(HKD260)              一般价格/ 5月6日後付款: RMB230 (HKD260)

Non-player guest: 100RMB includes party/food(light breakfast and lunch)/water/one way bus. To register please contact Zoe on WeChat. WeChat ID: 13728648384

100元包括派对费用、巴士、食物和酒水饮料. 请联系Zoe 进行报名 微信: 13728648384 

Sorry, NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 5TH. We will be paying for things and arranging to pay for things so refunds after the deadline are not really possible. Please be aware we will be strict with this rule. You can possibly transfer your registration to someone else but they must be approved by us. Please make sure they are an equal level to you or team balance may get messed up.


Payment Options / 
1. Alipay account/ 支付宝: 谢文琴 13728648384
2. Wechat/ 微信: 13728648384 Zoe
3. Cash/现金: You can pay cash during SZUPA training and pick up sessions to Zoe or Jeff.
***You MUST e-mail Zoe ( with your Wechat ID, bank account name, registration name and nickname, phone number, and screenshot of transaction.  

***付款到微信或支付宝成功后,请屏幕截图并发送到邮箱Zoe (。请附上你的银行账户+网站注册名字+绰号+手机号码+微信ID